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Curia - Collaborative Exhibition Planning

Curia is the first collaborative exhibition planning app designed exclusively for the needs of the museum community.

It was developed in concert with the team of curators, interpretive planners, and technologists at one of the nation's leading art museums. Intuitively consolidate all of your ideas and documentation and task management in one place with Curia to preserve a digital history of your exhibition. Curia makes it easy by seamlessly integrating with your content management systems. You'll spend less time hunting for the information you need and more time crafting amazing exhibitions.


Project Management

Assign tasks and visually map out all the steps and processes needed to bring your exhibition to life. Assign tasks to individuals and get real-time notices when the next phase is ready to begin.


Consolidate Your Tools

Manage all aspects of your exhibition in one tool. Curia seamlessly integrates with your CMS system while making tools like Google Docs, Smartsheets, Basecamp, index cards and spreadsheets unnecessary.


Historical Preservation

Preserve previous exhibition information and documentation for future use

Seamless Collaboration

One place for all contributors to collaborate on exhibition content. Add interpretive elements, notes, descriptions, audio, video and more. Share information, ideas and updates throughout the exhibition planning process.

Come out of the stone ages.

Streamline your exhibition planning process with Curia. Curia helps you create a blueprint for developing world-class visitor experiences while collaborating and communicating with all the stakeholders in your organization.

Collaborative Partners

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"We want to design inspiring, challenging, and memorable visitor experiences in our exhibitions. Curia makes it easier to do that."

Swarupa Anila, Director of Interpretive Engagement
Detroit Institute of Arts


"Curia saves countless hours by providing a centralized exhibit planning platform that makes the most up-to-date information accessible to users from various museum departments"

Richard Scott, Director of IT
Detroit Institute of Arts





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