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Top 5 User Experience Design Trends in 2019

on Jan 16, 2019 1:31:24 PM By | Karina Myers | 0 Comments | UX UIUX user experience
If you need to explain a joke, it’s not funny. User experience shares the same construct - a good user experience requires no explanation.  As we march into 2019, let’s take a look at the up and coming trends to enhance user experience design. See what you can expect or how your business can benefit by creating a seamless user experience.
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Southeast Michigan Q4 SharePoint User Group Recap

on Oct 30, 2017 2:34:20 PM By | Steve Smith | 0 Comments | SharePoint user experience enterprise search Metadata
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Why Your Website Needs UX

on Sep 27, 2017 12:35:12 PM By | C/D/H Consultant | 0 Comments | UX UIUX user experience
User experience (UX) is more than what your clients see when they interact with your website; UX truly encompasses their entire experience.  It factors in what happens before and after they come to your site, how long your site takes to load, and how well it’s optimized for all platforms (phone, tablet, etc.).  Although your website might look beautiful, it doesn’t guarantee a positive user experience.  UX is design, but it’s also how it’s married together with content, user interaction, and functionality.  It’s the total picture.
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How-To Improve the UX of Your Website

on Oct 4, 2016 3:09:05 PM By | C/D/H Consultant | 0 Comments | UX UIUX user experience
Improving Your UX in 5 Easy Steps In this day and age, one of the most important aspects of a company's business is their website. Your website has the opportunity to be apowerful asset. However, if not designed correctly, it can also be your biggest hinderance.  We have put together a list of 5 resources you can utilize to help improve the UX of your website. 
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